Game Features

12/11/2015 03:22

1. Simply open a browser to enter the game without downloading a client.

2. Interact with other players in a truly enjoyable game.

3. Focus on developed gaming in multi-player modes.

4. Choose various kinds of character figures and characteristics.

5. Clean and simple panel layouts, AI operations and smooth interaction modes.

6. Featured gameplay such as Recruit Partner, Raise Mount, Rank up Partner, Challenge World Boss and the Guild War.

7. The system will remind players of joining the World Boss daily. Players receive rewards by cooperating with other players.

8. Raise different partners to show each player's preference.

9. Interactions with friends make a harmonious game environment.

10. Each partner can be reformed. Reform to increase partner qualities. Different partners have different abilities. Reformed partners acquire new skills.

11. Featuring thousands of different gear and items, hundreds of different character models and three factions, Pirate Tales will offer players a new classic gaming experience.