Create Character

12/11/2015 03:16

1. Choose a character class.

1) Swordmaster

2) Navigator

3) Sniper

2. Swordmaster: Swordmasters are fearless with swords in their hands. They have come to the pirate world because of their faith in swords. They are searching for strong opponents to guide and improve their swordplay. Protect or destroy, they deserves to be The Strongest.

3. Navigator: Navigators have a good knowledge of seamanship skills. They can use various kinds of natural powers in this mysterious world. Their greatest joy is to make charts by exploring this world. Magnetic fields and ocean current changes are what they care about most. To those who stop their way to explore the world, they will show you thunder fire and ice frost!

4. Sniper: Snipers hit targets every time without a miss. They have strong vision and are good leaders. They know where the destination is and cover their allies with bullets.

5. Create Character: Each player can choose a character and name it with Chinese, numbers or English.

6. Enter Game: After choosing and naming a character, your great pirate navigation journey will start from here.