Crusade Instance

12/11/2015 03:15

In order to grow stronger, our protagonist will need to go to different places to challenge different enemies.

Instance Interface

1. Stage point - Stages unlock when you reach certain levels and complete relevant quests.

2. Current stage - The stage that you need to clear to complete the current quest.

3. Clearance reward - After completing all stages on a map, you can claim a Map Clearance Reward. After completing all stages with an S, you can claim an S-Rating Clearance Reward.

Battle Interface

1. Players can move freely in an instance. Battles can happen anywhere in an instance where you encounter monsters.

2. Monster in the instance - Monsters will chase and attack players actively, while bosses will stay where they are. Only after you have defeated all monsters can you challenge the boss.

Clearance Interface

1. Clearance rating - The highest rating is SSS.
2. Flip Cards - After completing an instance, players can flip 1 card from a set of 5 cards to receive a reward.
3. After claiming the flip card reward, click anywhere on the screen to return to town.
4. Players can check the flip card reward.