Bounty Quest

12/11/2015 03:13

Bounty Quests provide EXP for captains.

Players can check the Bounties in the Main Port interface.

Open Bounties to view all available bounty quests.

Please note that the higher quality quests always provide more rewards. All bounty quests have the same difficulty level. If you want to get more rewards, try to complete quests of higher quality.

Based on captains' VIP level, you have the corresponding number of chances to refresh bounties. Bounty quests in the bounties will refresh every 30 minutes automatically. If you want to get the best reward, you will need to complete 20 Mystic Quests daily. Maybe it sounds too difficult, but there is still a way to help you achieve this goal.

Use the Advanced Bounty Order to receive a Mystic Quest (to do that, you have to give up or complete your current bounty quest first). Spend only 15 Gold to harvest loads of EXP and Belly.

You can also purchase Medium Bounty Order Packs in the shop.

Monthly VIP players can receive massive Bounty Orders and Advanced Bounty Orders every day.

Monthly Diamond VIP players can receive 10 Advanced Bounty Orders for free every day.

Along with the refresh function, it's not that hard for you to complete 20 Mystic Quests daily!