Six Powers Secret

12/11/2015 03:10

Six Powers Map

The Six Powers Map can be practiced with Doriki. Each partner has a unique Six Powers Map, which will light up when enough Doriki is gained. Light up the Six Powers Map to provide attribute bonuses.

In the game, players can obtain Doriki via Doriki Practice and CP9 instance.

Six Powers Secret

Six Powers Secret can be obtained via Grasp. Each partner can equip 8 secrets. Slots of Six Powers Secret will open gradually as levels rise. Secrets with the same attributes can only be equipped once.

Every time a CP9 member is unlocked, there is a chance to grasp a Secret. Six Powers Secrets can devour each other and provide EXP to increase the Secret level.

When a Secret upgrades, attributes with higher values will be gained.

Move Secrets into the Bag and allocate them to the Secret Slots to increase combat power.