Main Port

12/11/2015 03:09

The Main Port is a player's main city. By leveling up the main city, they can unlock more functions in the main city.

1. Levy: Players can levy in their main city after upgrading their city to a required level. The higher the main city's level, the more revenue can be earned through the levy function.

2. Bounty: Players can accept bounty quests in the main city. Completing bounty quests can earn you lots of rewards.

3. Tech: Players can research main city tech in the lab to add stats for their captain and partners.

4. Training: Train your partner on the Training Ground to increase your partner's level.

5. Crystal Recharge: Recharge Crystals for your Town to receive extra captain EXP every day.

6. Arena: Players can challenge other players in the arena to win awesome rewards.

7. Bar: Players can recruit more powerful partners in the bar.

8. Warehouse: Use the warehouse to store items.

9. Blacksmith: Through the Blacksmith, you can forge, combine and refine items to enhance your gear.