12/11/2015 03:08

Mount Raising and Evolution

After you complete the Skypiea Rainbow quest, NPC Vivi will give you a mount for free, which is also your first mount in the game.

After Lv.25, you can raise your mount every day to gain Mount EXP. With enough Mount EXP, you can upgrade its level.

After your mount reaches Lv.20, 40 and 60, you can evolve it into the next mount.

Mount evolution stages are: Carue -> Shelly -> Wooly Hippo -> Bananawani.

Your mount`s image and stats will all be changed after evolution.

Mount Costumes

Players can obtain mount costumes from the Shop or by other methods. Mount costumes can give your mounts a cool new appearance and increase mount stats.

Your mount can try on mount costumes in the Shop.

Mount costumes will be placed into the Mount Bag after purchase.

Drag a mount costume to a costume slot and the mount appearance will change.

At the same time, the mount in the scene will also have a new look.