CP9 Challenge

12/11/2015 03:07

The most important way to receive Doriki is through the CP9 Challenge.

Players must clear the current stage to unlock the next one. The stages will be harder to clear, but also more rewarding. The stage rewards in the later phase of the game will be awesome.

Players must fight batches of monsters shortly after entering a stage. However, you must be very careful if you meet the following monsters.

CP9 Assassins

CP9 Assassins will trigger the assassination skill that will directly kill a partner in the last row of your team when their HP is too low. Therefore, you’d better avoid CP9 Assassins from being in low-HP status.

CP9 Elites

CP9 Elites will release silence on targets. Don’t use partners who rely too much on skills.

CP9 Soldiers

CP9 Soldiers have average damage, but they can heal each other. If you have low damage, they will be your nightmare. However, if you have skills that can reduce their healing amount, things will be different.

At last, you’ll face different bosses.

Players don’t have to go through complicated battle progress every time. For cleared stages, you can choose to loot them. The rewards won’t be changed.

Players who pursue more Doriki can also buy entries to receive more rewards.