12/11/2015 03:05

Select over 100 partners with distinctive characters in the game. You can always find your favorite in the game.

1. Character Stats: Character stats are what defines character power in the game.

1) STR: Affects characters’ PATK and PDEF.

2) INT: Affects characters’ MATK and MDEF.

3) AGI: Affects characters’ Crit and SPD.

4) STA: Affects characters’ HP.

5) SPD: Determines who attacks first.

6) HP: Affects character’s life and death.

7) PATK: Characters’ physical attack

8) PDEF: Characters’ physical defense

9) MATK: Characters’ magic attack

10) MDEF: Characters’ magic defense.

11) Crit: Increases 1/2 actual damage.

12) Block: Reduces 1/2 actual damage.

13) Normal Attack: Personalized skill attack.

14) Skill Attack: Stunning and powerful skill attack.

15) Talent: Each character has different Talents, which matches with the pirates’ world view.

2. Each partner’s image is directly taken from the anime. Players will feel like they are living in the world of the original works.

3. There are several ways to recruit partners.

1) As the story proceeds, new partners will appear.

2) Players can recruit partners by summoning Seasouls in the Bar.

3) Players can recruit powerful partners by using Partner Pacts in the Mystic Bar.

4) Players can directly buy partners from the Partner Reform section.