12/11/2015 03:01

Players can join guilds at Lv.20 and create guilds at Lv.25.

After entering guilds, players can not only join guild events, but also chat and interact with other guild members.

Guilds have their own Skill Towers. Captains can upgrade their skill level in the Skill Towers to increase their stats.

Each player is given 5 chances to accept guild quests every day. Completing them can net players EXP and Guild Contribution rewards. Higher quality quests mean more rewards.

In the Guild Shop, players can redeem Guild Contribution for goods in the Shop.

Captains can donate Belly and Gold for more Guild Contribution and guild funds.

Players can enter the Crystal Altar map from the Crystal Defense entrance. Once the Crystal Defense event is unlocked, captains can join the guild protection event to receive EXP and other rewards.