Closed Beta Closing and Official Server Opening

17/02/2017 00:31

Dear players,

Thank you for supporting our game. On 00:00, Feb 21, 2017(CST), all servers of the game will be closed and all data will be wiped. On 20:00, Feb 21, 2017(CST), new official server will open. We apologize for any inconveniences caused and thank you for your constant support and cooperation.

We will compensate all closed beta participants as follows:

1. Players have top-up history in the closed beta server will receive gold equivalent to 100% of the top-up amount in the official server. Returned gold will be sent within the first week after server opening. Please log into the official server with the same account to claim the gold.

2. Closed beta players will be rewarded with double gold if they top-up within the total top-up amount made during the closed beta.

More news can be found in our official notices!

Pirate Tales Operating Group

Feb 17, 2017