Server Update on May 9, 2016

09/05/2016 21:59

Dear players,

In order to let everyone have a better game experience, we have performed a game optimization on May 9, 2016. We apologize for any inconveniences caused and thank you for your constant support and cooperation.

Update Range: All Servers

Here are the major updates:

1. Game Interface

1) Formation

Displayed the requirement to unlock the next level formation and formation position.

2) Partner

Combined PATK and MATK, added the Armor Break stat and tips.

3) Newbie Guide

Removed the mandatory guide (except the specific steps).

4) Newbie Pack

Added an animation when an item is obtained.

2. Features and Figures

1) VIP

A. Changed the VIP5 trial time and unlocking level into 15 minutes and Lv.10. Players will be led to the first top-up event interface after it ends.

B. Changed VIP Benefits (VIP2 players can now skip PVE battles, VIP4 players can now skip the Arena and VIP6 can speed up loots).

2) 7-Day Login

Changed 7-Day Login Rewards and added Arena Medals.

3) First-time Top-up

New reward: mount costume: Cerberus

4) Formation

A. Changed the formation upgrade requirement into: Consume Belly and Arena Medals.

B. Changed formation positions into: 2 empty slots for Lv.1 formation, 3 empty slots for Lv.2 formation, 4 empty slots for Lv.3 formation and 5 empty slots for Lv.4 formation.

C. Changed extra formation stats into: Increase character stats by percent.

5) Gear

A. Embedded gems can now be inherited.

B. Increased HP Soul stats and HP when refining gear.

C. Gear HP will increase after refining.

D. Increased gear stats and HP.

E. Increased HP of the Enhance Chain, Embed Chain and Refine Chain.

F. Changed PDEF into PDEF and MDEF when refining (the value = 50% * the original PDEF).

G. Changed MDEF into 50% Armor Break when refining (the value = 50% * the original MDEF).

H. Changed PDEF Soul into DEF Soul and MDEF Soul into DEFB Soul.

I. Changed Noble Sets’ equipping level into Lv.20.

J. Changed Wind Elf sets’ equipping level into Lv.25.

6) Ranking

Players who top up or consume at least 10,000 Gold can be ranked into the top 3.

7) Training Ground

Added an 8-hour training choice.

8) Shop

The time-limited Snap-up is refreshed at 00:00 daily.

9) Mail

Changed to only claim selected mail by clicking Claim All.

10) Crusade

A. Instance strongholds and treasuries can also be looted when looting crusade instances.

B. Crusade instances will drop other rewards instead of gear. (Please refer to game content.)

C. Removed poison and heal monster skills in earlier crusade instances.

D. Crusade chests will be opened directly when selecting them with a key.

E. Added the amount of EXP received in earlier instances.

11) Doriki Practice

A. The quest is completed after finishing the fourth timber pile.

B. Doubled Doriki by performing Dorki Practice.

12) Caesar Lab

Added 60 HP for the captain each time the captain is upgraded by 1 level.

13) Mount

Additional mount stats are tripled.

14) Partner

A. Adjusted the captain’s skills (Please refer to game content.)

B. The captain and partner’s HP and HP Growth are doubled.

C. Adjusted the captain’s evolution speed. (Every 1 point corresponds to 0.1 speed.) The captain’s evolution points will be reset after updating.

D. Increased the partner’s stat bonuses when upgrading partner stars.

E. Added a partner Ace (Can be obtained by joining the server opening top-up event).

F. Increased all partners’ skill effects (Please refer to game content).

G. Partners who are received from mainline quests have an initial level.

15) CP9

Increase the Doriki reward for challenging CP9.

16) Gem

A. Merged PDEF and MDEF Gems. DEF Gems can increase both Physical and Magic Defense.

B. Changed PDEF Gems in player's bag into DEF Gems, and MDEF Gems into DEFB Gems.

C. Added DEFB Gems in the shop.

D. Stat gems will increase stats by percent.

17) Guild

Guild Tech: Each level increased adds 30 Stat Points for your captain, and 15 Stat Points for partners.

18) Six Powers

A. Increased HP in Six Powers.

B. Six Powers Secret: Increased HP.

C. Six Powers Secret: Ephemera will increase your DEFB.

D. Increased EXP gained from devouring other Six Powers Secrets. Uncommon: 5 points, Fine: 10 points, Epic: 15 points, Mystic: 20 points, and Heirloom: 25 points.

19) World Boss

A. Increased the World Boss Belly and EXP rewards. Rewards are calculated based on damage dealt.

B. Changed the World Boss Attack Mode. Fury Skills will not be used in the first attack.

20) Arena

Adjusted the arena purchase attempts and price.

21) EXP

A. Adjusted some quest rewards.

B. Increased the Bourg Crystal EXP reward.

22) Battle

Character normal attacks will attack units in the front row first.

3. Bug Fixes

1) Fixed the panel error occurring when selling Horcrux.

2) Fixed the character skill upgrade bug.

3) Fixed the missing Trial Tower Challenge Record bug.

Pirate Tales Operating Group

May 9, 2016