Server Update on Apr 19, 2016

19/04/2016 21:12

Dear players,

In order to let everyone have a better game experience, we have performed a game optimization on Apr 19, 2016. We apologize for any inconveniences caused and thank you for your constant support and cooperation.

Update Range: All Servers

Here are the major updates:

I. Game Optimizations

1. Adjusted the Equip All logic (Judge based on the current gear rating).

2. Highlighted “Captain evolution rewards can be claimed”.

3. Added a CD status bar for the Grand Line.

4. Added the “Disconnect” prompt box. Players can click OK to refresh the game.

5. Changed the purchase limit in the shop (to 999).

6. Added the “Guild Order (A)” feature to Bounties. Players can now directly claim Mystic Bounty Quests.

7. Optimized the prompt box when using Gold (It will appear again after refreshing).

8. Added the mail auto-deletion feature (Mail will expire and be deleted in 15 days after being received).

9. Adjusted the logic of Grasp All on Secret Techniques.

10. Adjusted arena ranking rewards.

11. Adjusted positions of strongholds, gates and chests in the game.

12. Changed the place where you can recruit Sanji and Robin in the Bar. Added a jump function in the corresponding recruit button.

13. Adjusted the description of bounty quests that are performed with Gold.

14. Added a rolling tip for the Daily Boss.

15. Optimized the loading speed of newbie guide gem synthesis list.

16. Optimized the content of Six Powers.

17. Added Jewelry Bonney.

18. Big Eater Bonney Reforming is now open.

19. Added partner Ivankov, Okama King Ivankov.

II. Bug Fixes

1. Fixed the guild info and guild fund display errors in the guild ranking.

2. Fixed the bug in the Nami recruitment panel.

3. Fixed MISS Paula's damage display error.

4. Fixed the fury display error.

5. Fixed the Coby Soulstones error in the Black Market.

6. Fixed the incorrect gold requirement in the Black Market.

7. Fixed the new gear initial stats display error.

8. Fixed the Ultimate Six Powers error.

9. Fixed the gear achievement level mistake.

Pirate Tales Operating Group

Apr 19, 2016